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Things to consider while doing property valuations

A man of vision, strength, and courage, Mr. Gopal holds the light of future, showing the way to real estate industry. A realtor powered by almost two decades of on-ground experience, he has in-depth knowledge of property valuation Melbourne real estate, private equity, joint ventures and all allied services of the industry. Mr. Gopal laid the foundation of Property Promotions around six years back and since then the words like growth; success and achievements fall shorter for description. He holds tremendous foresight and strong willpower to execute what all he always thinks. Property Promotions now enjoys a pan India presence majorly due to the clear vision and endless efforts of its founders.

Mr. Gopal Kukreja is a self-made man and a motivator in himself. The people around him admire him for all he does… His management skills, planning capacity, executive power and marketing strategies are rare to find. He is a man of substance and is bound to shine brightest in the future to come…

SC Property Valuation Services (SC Valuers) is an independent property valuation company, which is based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was established in 2007 by Shawn Crous, a qualified Professional Valuer. The company provides mainly property valuation services throughout Southern Africa and specialises in the valuation of retail, commercial, industrial, hotel and development properties.

Being a smaller company gives us an advantage over our larger competitors as we have the capacity to treat all our clients as individuals, rather than a number in a queue.  Our clients include international companies, listed corporate and property funds, insurance companies, and major financial institutions based in South Africa. Recent international assignments have been undertaken in Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Our valuations are relied upon extensively for sale, acquisition, financing and insurance purposes as well as litigation, financial reporting and corporate governance requirements, and cover open market value, forced sale value and replacement cost valuations.

We also provide you broking services in any sector of the retail, commercial and industrial property fields, be it leasing, sales or property developments and can assist clients to identify and secure the best property solutions the property market has to offer, making property choices easy for both newcomers and experienced role players alike.